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Lulu and Mike’s wedding

On 9th July this year it was my privilege to be the photographer at the wedding of Lulu Herring and Mike Wisson in Stockholm, Sweden.

It was a hot, sunny day and the wedding took place at Hogsbergagard Hotel on the island of Lindingo in the Stockholm Archipelago.

 Lulu and Mike had planned every detail of the day with meticulous care.

 A joyous day passed without a hitch and then it came time for what I was told was the traditional 'throwing the groom into the nearest fjord' ceremony. Fortunately, there was one handy.

Much to everyone's disappointment, the groom's mother decided that the 'throwing the groom into the nearest fjord' ceremony was going to be skipped.

To get over their regret at not being able to throw the groom into the fjord, the groomsmen burst into song.




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