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Johanna and Ross’ Wedding

A cool grey day in Chester, Nova Scotia, saw the wedding of Ross and Johanna at the Captain's House Hotel.

The bride was beautiful...

...the groomsmen were relaxed...

...and we established beyond a reasonable doubt that the groom didn't like people sticking fingers in his ears.

Oh it rained just a bit...

...but not that much...

...and the party went late.




Picture of Lisa Caissie

By Lisa Caissie at 9:07pm, 09/08/11

Great wedding, great day and great pics Thanks Nick
The whole family had fun !!

Picture of Petra Rykers

By Petra Rykers at 8:59am, 09/14/11

Thanks Nick.  I am pleased to have such wonderful pictures of my beautiful daughter and her handsome husband.  The wedding, which was all that we hoped it would be, is wonderfully documented in your pictures. Your pictures truly captured the spirit of the day.

Picture of Johanna Hoyt

By Johanna Hoyt at 9:01am, 09/14/11

Thank you again! Ross and I love how they turned out.  Your beautiful photographs remind us of all the small funny moments that made our day so special.  (Not to mention my family keeps telling me how fun our photographer was)

Picture of Henny

By Henny at 8:58am, 09/16/11

The pictures are beautiful. It was a wonderful wedding and Nick was so good at putting people at ease and getting those smiles from everyone.

Picture of Joanne Rykers

By Joanne Rykers at 3:44pm, 09/16/11

I enjoyed looking at these pictures.  They reminded me how beautiful it all was, which gave me a lift on this dreary fall day!  I liked your pictures, Nick, particularly the mix of formal and fun; it captured the spirit of the day.

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