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Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive?

Although I am far from being the most expensive wedding photographer in Halifax, Nova Scotia; this is a question that I'm asked a lot. Let me say first and foremost that I do understand that weddings are an expensive proposition and brides and grooms looking to save money are entitled to ask why their vendors seem to charge so much.


Much has changed in photography over the past decade. The most obvious change is the transition from film photography to digital. I for one desperately miss film and in editing wedding pictures I strive to recreate the qualities and nuances of the best film stocks. Although digital photography has come a long way I think - in common with most photographers - that it still has a long way to go.


What this means in practical terms is hours spent at the computer turning digital wedding picture files into the very best photographs they can be. Every hour I spend shooting, I spend two or three editing. There are shortcuts, yes; could I spend less time editing? Yes. Would the resulting photographs be as good as the ones I devoted a lot of time to? No.


Then there is the cost of equipment. When I go to shoot a wedding I regularly take $15,000 worth of equipment with me. Could I take less? Yes I could. Would that compromise quality? Yes it would.


To sum up then, the issue is one of quality. Yes, you can get a friend, or a relative, or an inexpensive photographer to take pictures on your wedding day. But will the photographs be even a fraction as good as those produced by the best professionals? If something goes wrong, will your photographer know how to fix it? Can you expect good service and a high level of professionalism from the person taking your wedding pictures?


One thing can be said for certain, your wedding photographer will only have one chance to get it right and when you think of it in those terms wedding photography isn't really that expensive at all.




Hurricane Wedding

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Hurricane Earl blew through Nova Scotia on 4th September this year, but that didn't stop Anne and Shaun's wedding going ahead or me doing the photographs.

There was no power in the church but the wedding bells rang anyway.

Wedding photography and high spirits aren't much affected by the wind

The caterer had to cancel because they had no power but Anne's mum and a few of her friends improvised a wedding banquet for 100 people in the local community hall mostly by digging into their own freezers and fridges! It was one of the best meals I've ever had at a wedding.

Someone found a generator, so at least the disc jockey had electricity.

All in all, an unforgetable wedding.



Sylvia and Andrew’s Wedding

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I was lucky enough to be asked by Sylvia and Andrew to shoot their wedding which took place one beautiful July day in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. This is without doubt one of the most fun weddings it has been my privilege to photograph.

Sylvia was a little nervous before the wedding but her maid of honour and her groom to be, soon cheered her up.


Andrew bears an extraordinary resemblance to a friend of mine but was kind enough not to tell me off when I kept calling him 'Dave'. I loved the texture of the wall of this barn as a photographic background. It just seemed to say 'Nova Scotia'. 

The wedding took place at the United Baptist Church on Main Street, in Liverpool a building full of atmospheric light. Sylvia and Andrew had two ministers - just to ensure the job was done right.

After the ceremony we headed down to the waterfront for photographs in brilliant sunshine.

Then down to White Point Resort for the reception where the mist had rolled in, making the light soft and moody. Typical Nova Scotia weather, beautiful but a bit mixed!

A father's dance at his daughter's wedding is always a bittersweet moment, full of hopes and memories. 

But then the cake was cut, the bubble machine went bezerk and the party really started...