Nick Sumner, Halifax Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nicholas Sumner has been a professional photographer for almost 20 years. He was born in Africa and educated in England. He took up photography as a hobby at the age of eight and worked in London as a fashion photographer’s assistant before leaving the UK to spend several years working in Asia where he started his own business. He moved to Halifax, Canada in 1998 and is married with two children.

His work has been published in 23 different travel guidebooks including National Geographic Guides, Berlitz Travel Guides and APA Insight Guides. He has shot over 200 weddings professionally. As well as his photography, his writing has also been widely published in periodicals and journals. These include Reader’s Digest, Business Life and The Rangefinder.

Halifax Wedding Photographer




          Nicholas Sumner is a professional photographer specialising in travel and event

          photography. He is based in Halifax Nova Scotia.


          He can be reached by email at



          or by mobile phone at 902 488-7550.  


          Visit his wedding phtotography work.


          When it comes to wedding photography in Halifax, you want to ensure that your photographer is punctual, responsible,

          talented, and most of all good with people. Nicholas Sumner brings years of experience to both the technical and

          interpersonal aspects of his craft, striking the perfect balance.


  Nicholas Sumner's work in travel and event photographs is recognized by prestigious international photographic authorities. His stock photography is represented by